About Us

Environmental Advantage Law PLLC is an environmental and business solutions law practice with expert witness experience. Brian H. Davis brings more than 30 years of experience as an Environmental Lawyer and creating environmental solutions in-house at 3M™, Ecolab Inc.™, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. He has also worked with government, academia, and collaborative environmental organizations, including 17 years as a Law School Adjunct Associate Professor. We specialize in expert witness services to attorneys and their clients, including support and testimony as needed

Brian H. Davis

Representative Areas of Successful Environmental Legal Advice Include:


 • Compliance with Complex Environmental Regulations
 • Strategic Environmental Advice, including Benefiting from Existing & Potential Environmental Regulations
 • Agency & Private Party Negotiation to Resolve Disputes
 • Benefits & Tactics of Sustainability Reporting
 • Counsel on All Environmental Aspects of Business
 • Environmental Sustainability & Reputation Protection


Expertise in Critical Environmental Law Areas:
 • Water & Waste Water Limitations
 • Solid & Hazardous Wastes, under RCRA, CERCLA, SARA, & State Rules
 • Brownfield & Site Remediation
 • Product Stewardship
 • Environmental, Health & Safety Audits Programs
 • Pesticides (FIFRA)
 • Pollution Prevention

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