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If you need an environmental expert witness or team member, consider Environmental Advantage Law PLLC.

As your environmental expert, we support environmental litigation and dispute resolution with 25+ years of in-house Environmental Law practice at 3M and Ecolab Inc. Previously served as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Law at the University of Minnesota Law School for 17 years.

Our attorney has 30+ years of experience as a corporate and enviromental attorney in a wide range of Environmental Issues, working with most EPA regions and state environmental agencies. A former attorney at US EPA Region V, Brian has served on government committees, in academia and on non-profit boards, providing balanced perspectives.

About Environmental Advantage Law PLLC

Count on Environmental Advantage Law PLLC based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to provide the experienced environmental law expert you need. Our innovative legal counsel, combined with a team approach, help to harmonize business and the environment. Founder Brian H. Davis serves as an expert witness, environmental law attorney and is a licensed attorney in Minnesota and Illinois, with experience in most EPA regions and internationally.  Take advantage of existing opportunities and help create new ones for a competitive advantage through environmental compliance benefiting from our legal advice!

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Contact us to learn more about environmental expert attorney support. Mr. Davis is also an experienced Enviromental Law Professor.